Monday, October 6, 2008

Names of God

We sing the song, Our God Is An Awesome God. And, he is!

I have been studying the names of God in the Bible. To do so makes you want to praise and thank him more and more. I'd like to give you a few of the names.

Elyon--The Strongest Strong One
Why is that important? Because there is absolutely no being stronger than God. He can whip them all!
For us that should be a great comfort. We serve a God who can not be bested! You can trust your life to him.

El Roi--The Strong One Who Sees.
Why is that important? If God was only strong that would not help us a lot. We need to know he sees US. He is not somewhere up in the sky oblivious to us. He sees us, he sees our lives, what we are going through. No one who comes against us can defeat us! God sees and will come to our aid when we think we cannot bear another minute.

Just two of the many names of God I want to share. But, if there were only these two, he would still be a God worthy of our praise!

Take a few minutes to think on these two names of God. Thank him for being "the strong One Who Sees" your life.

Thankful I serve such an awesome God, Gloria

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