Thursday, October 30, 2008


My husband is taking our grand kids to a pumpkin patch today. They have a cornfield there that's been made into a maze. A friend said it took him 45 minutes to find his way out of it. I'm glad my husband is the one going. I have trouble finding my way home from church. I could take my grandchildren into that corn field and we could never be seen again!

Sometimes life seems like a maze. You go one direction. Dead end. You turn and go another way. Dead end. You know your destination is point B but you just can't seem to get there from where you are.

Perhaps it's your spiritual life. You know the goal. But, you seem to be having trouble getting there. Dead end after dead end. Will you EVER be what you desire to be as a Christian?

The answer to both these dilemmas is persistence. You just keep on keeping on. One day, after you have encountered dead end after dead end and not given up, you'll turn a corner and there it will be. A path out of your maze! No more dead ends. You will be progressing toward what you desire and what God has planned for you.

Are you in a maze, facing dead ends, seemingly not progressing? Keep walking, keeping praying, keep asking God for guidance. There is a way out of your dilemma. Don't give up!

Thanking God he always provides a way out of the maze, Gloria

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