Friday, October 24, 2008

Hot. Cold. Make Up Your Mind!

One minute I feel like I'm in a furnace. The next my teeth are chattering and I'm scrounging around for a blanket to wrap up in. Anyone else have that problem? It's very disconcerting.

It's almost like I'm a dual personality. One minute I'm Gloria the Cold, the next I'm Gloria the Hot. I must admit, I prefer Gloria the Cold. At least I can wrap into several layers and get warm. I can't shed enough clothes to get cool and still be considered decent!

Every stage of life has its challenges. I got through the young married stage, the young kids stage and the teenagers in the house stage. I guess I can survive the "I'm getting older and my body is making weird changes" stage. I think it may be the most challenging of all!

I have no idea why God opted for all these changes as we get older. What's the benefit of sagging skin, eyes that need cataract surgery, bones that become brittle and break and hair that turns frosty or turns loose.

I know! It's because of sin. Had Adam and Eve not sinned I would not have to be going through all this. They surely did mess things up for me! Actually, I'm glad I have them to point the finger at. Had it all been perfect until me, I would probably have been the one the old serpent beguiled.

So, I guess I'll thank God for getting me through all the challenges of my life, hot and cold stages included. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go look for a blanket. My toes are freezing!

Thanking God for all stages of my life, Gloria

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