Thursday, October 23, 2008

God Made Some Awesome Things!

I've traveled 800 miles in three days. Most of it was going 35 miles an hour around such hairpin turns that the back of our motor home was traveling alongside us!

I am not a good traveler. If we are in the car more than thirty minutes, I am asking, "Are we there yet?" So, to say I'm glad to get home is putting it mildly.

However, this was a little different. We were touring Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks. Such beauty! And, such walking! I got almost to the top of Morro Rock. If you've never climbed it, I suggest a few marathons in preparation. I was so thankful my sister-in-law, who is over 15 years older than I am decided not to go all the way to the top. It would have been embarrassing to have her accomplish the task and me wimp out!

I have seen spectacular wonders of God's creations the last few days. How could anyone believe they all just "evolved"? Many do. Their eyes are blind. Their hearts are hard. They refuse to believe the truth.

As you shop, drive, work, play today, take time to look into the faces of those around you. Pray their eyes will be open, their hearts softened, that they will be receptive to the truth and come to know and love the mighty God we serve.

Thankful for God's wonderful creation, Gloria

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