Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Do Something!

I love movies. When I was in the second grade my dad worked for the owner of the theater in our town. Every Tuesday after school I went to the movies. I also went on Saturday. Back then you paid once and could see the movie as many times as you wanted. I spent several hours watching and re-watching movies I loved. Of course, the movies of that era were wholesome and usually had a "and they lived happily after" ending. I still hate movies that don't end that way!

I have gone to a movie this week TWICE. I had to pay twice so you know I must have loved it. I did. It ended "and they lived happily ever after." The movie was FIREPROOF. It was produced by a church in the south. It could stand against anything Hollywood puts out as far as quality. The acting was good and the theme was outstanding. They proposed:
1. Marriage is a covenant, not a contract.
2. Marriage is till death parts us.
3. You can't really love someone to the fullest until you have the love of Christ in your heart.
4. Marriage has to be continually worked on.
5. Most people give up on their marriage when the tough times come.
6. A marriage that has gone bad can be restored.
7. God must be the priority in any marriage.

I encourage you to support this movie. They were not going to show it in our area until Christians in the community bombarded the movie theater with emails. They brought it up here to the High Desert for one week only. It was so well attended, they are trying to get it held over for another week!

While it's true we are on a downhill spiral here in America, we can do things to try and turn the spiral upward. What happened in our community about this movie is an example. Christians have to be active in fighting against sin and fighting for the rights our founding fathers fought and died for. Don't just sit, wring your hands and bemoan what is happening in America. DO SOMETHING! Get involved! Be part of the answer to the problem. Perhaps God will be gracious to us and give us more time to reach our country with the Good News of Jesus.

Praying while I do something, Gloria

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