Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Crying Out To God

My two grandchildren are here for a week. The last time they were here they got locked in our barn and didn't know there was a button to push so they could get out. They screamed and yelled until I heard them. They were crying and greatly traumatized when I found them. They thought, as young children might, that they were going to die in there before anyone heard them and came to their rescue.

Well, this time it was a dog. Our neighbor is keeping a dog for one of his workers. Since there is no fence between us, the dog comes over to our house often. Yesterday our grandson tried to pet him. The dog growled and tried to chase him. Now the kids are afraid to go outside. I'm thinking my grandchildren may never want to come back to my house again!

There are lots of things in life that can traumatize us and make us fearful. Some have experienced abusive parents, traumatic childhoods, difficult marriages, problems with children. It could be the loss of a job, learning you have cancer or some incurable disease. It may be problems with depression or loss of hope. Like my grandchildren you feel you are going to die before anyone hears or sees your need and comes to your rescue.

Don't lose hope. God will come to your rescue! He may take the problem away or he may give you strength to get through the situation. He can be trusted. Either way he chooses to work in your life, you can know he has your best interest at heart. He loves you!

What difficulty are your facing today? It may be big or small. He handles any size!

Allow God to come to your rescue. Like my grandchildren called out to me, call out to him. He will hear and respond to your need.

Thankful for a God who always listens and responds when I cry out to him, Gloria

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