Friday, October 10, 2008

Crab Alert!

Do you get crabby when you don't get enough sleep.? I do. Today is probably going to be one of my crabby days. Maybe I should warn my husband!

I went to bed later than usual. A little before two this morning I woke up. I was unable to go back to sleep. So, like a night animal foraging for food, I slunk out of my lair, foraging for things to do that would not wake my sleeping husband (I was trying not to be jealous he was resting so well).

I washed a few stacks of dirty clothes, folded about twenty or so loads that were piled on my laundry room counter, spackled a wall I'm going to touch up and checked emails. A little before four, I was ready to try and sleep again.

I just now woke up, looked at the time, jumped out of bed and headed here to the computer. My eyes are half open, my mind is in a fog. Like one of those wild animals, I feel like growling AND maybe even eating someone. Be glad you are not here! My poor husband who lies sleeping so soundly has no idea what danger he is in! I just may bite off his head today. You might say a little prayer for him!

Don't we all have days that it would be so easy to give in to our feelings? Lack of sleep. Overworked. Stressed out. It wouldn't take much to give in to crabbiness. That could ruin our day and others around us!

It's wonderful how having God in our lives gives us the ability to refrain from acting out what our flesh wants to do. I'm sure those around us are glad too!

Gonna try and live the God life even though the flesh is shouting, "Be crabby," Gloria

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