Thursday, September 18, 2008


Since the weeds in my garden are almost as tall as Jack's beanstalk, I guess I'll have to do some weeding today.

I love a beautiful garden. I just don't like making it that way! I want to set the sprinkler system to water every day and then be able to walk outside and survey my array of beautiful blooming plants. I'm finding what I have more of is bloomin' weeds.

Sometimes our lives need weeding too. We allow bitterness, anger, resentment, laziness, unkindness, apathy, and dozens of other things to grow in our life. Without intending it to be so, we find our life has become a weed patch instead of a garden for others to enjoy. It happens to good people who just forget to continue being good.

It would be wise to take a bit of time and ask God if you have allowed any weeds to grow in your life. Be honest with yourself (hard for most of us to do). Allow God to reveal to you what those weeds are. Get the shovel of repentance and dig them out. Your life will be so much more beautiful, not only to others but to you.

Doing some physical and spiritual weeding today, Gloria

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