Friday, September 12, 2008


We are so blessed with modern conveniences. Bathtubs, for instance. Do you know how much you should appreciate a bathtub? If you had to take a bath in a metal washtub you'd be thanking the good Lord for whoever it was that invented the modern day bathtub.

I have bathed in a metal tub. At my grandmother's house. By day it was used to wash clothes, by night people. We're not talking about a tub you could lie back in and soak. This tub was round, less than half the size of a modern tub and not at all comfortable. You had to scrunch your legs up in front of you the entire time you were bathing.

Grandma's goal was to get me clean. My goal was to keep my skin from touching the tub above the water line. Especially in the winter time. The sides were so cold you nearly got frostbite. I probably took a bath in record time!

Even with the torture I endured, it felt so good to be nice and clean as I slipped between the covers and snuggled in for the night. I slept better because all the grit and dirt from the day was gone.

Jesus offers us the opportunity to be washed clean. We'll be free from all the grit and dirt of sin, not for just the day, but forever. And, you'll sleep lots better!

Glad I've been washed clean by Jesus, Gloria

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