Monday, September 15, 2008

Sweet Breath

I am so glad to be sitting here writing this blog. Why? Because, about 1:30 this morning I thought I was bound for heaven. Here's my story.

I forgot to take my vitamins before bedtime. I woke up with that thought in my head so decided to get up and take them. Two of the pills are large and don't have that nice coating stuff that makes them go down smoothly. I took one and swallowed, or at least I tried to swallow. It stuck in my throat. Sideways! I won't go into detail this early in your morning about how I managed to get it out of my throat. It is what happened after that which made me think I could hear the angels singing.

After I coughed up the pill, I guess my throat spasmed. I couldn't breathe. No matter how much I tried to suck in air, I just couldn't do it. A sense of panic came over me. Just as I was about to run get my husband and see if he could save my life, I got a little air. Then the air passages opened up more. Gradually, I got my breath back.

It was such a random thing. Who would have thought trying to take a pill would have me struggling for life giving breath.

Randomly. That's how people die all the time.

The commuters who boarded the train which collided with a freight train never thought they would be facing death. A mother walking on the side of the road with her child never dreams a drunk will careen into them and she will no longer have her child. A person going into the hospital for minor surgery never expects to die on the operating table.

Like can change in a breath (no pun intended). Should death take you in one of those freak accidents, are you ready for the next world? Do you know someone who isn't? Who knows when any of us will take our last breath. Be ready. See that others are.

Thankful for breath, Gloria

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