Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sin Particles and Cleansing Rain

It rained here yesterday. What a treat!

If I had been at home instead of at Arby's having lunch with my husband, I might have run outside and let the rain pour down on me. Since I did not want to act in front of the lunch crowd like the strange person I am, I simply stared out the window and delighted in the downpour.

As I watched the rain hit the pavement, I thought it had turned to hail. Tiny specks seemed to fly off the pavement. I mentioned it to my husband. He looked closer and said, "It's only the rain removing particles that have been ground into the pavement."

It made me think. How many particles of sin do I have embedded in my life that a good downpour of God's cleansing rain needs to dislodge. They're not BIG particles. Just small things that may not be seen until the rain of cleansing comes. I may have even overlooked them myself since they have been embedded there so long.

Sin can become deeply embedded almost without us noticing it. Oh, there may have been a twinge of discomfort when we first allowed it into our lives. But soon it just became part of our flesh and now we no longer feel its discomfort.

Maybe we need to stand out in the rain of cleansing and let God show us if we have allowed any sin particles to become embedded in our flesh. It may be a little uncomfortable facing those sins and allowing God to dig them out. But, the cleansing, healing rain of his love will heal us. We will feel so much more alive when the rain has done its job.

Step out in the rain!

Letting God's cleansing rain reveal the sin particles in my life, Gloria

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