Thursday, September 25, 2008


I'm hittin' the road! I will only be about an hour away but even that distance can seem like hundreds of miles when you are going off to relax a day or so.

We have two days to relax. I'm looking forward to every precious minute I have!

Everyone needs to take some time off from their work. Jesus told his disciples to come apart and rest a while. God rested on the seventh day after creating the world (Of course, I know it wasn't because he was tired!)

The Bible tells us to take a sabbath. Do you think maybe God was trying to tell us something? :D

Are you and your family so busy that you don't take down time? You are harming yourself. Our bodies need a break. Our spirits need a break.

When we return from our rest, we are usually revived and able to do our work better. Times of refreshing are needed by everyone.

Take a break from your schedule. Can't get out of town? Go to lunch with a friend. Have friends over for dinner (order take-out and serve that.) Go to a movie or rent one and make some popcorn. Spend the day reading a book. Go sit at Starbucks and enjoy a coffee while you watch the customers. Sit in the park.

Give yourself permission to relax and have some fun. Let me know if it helps you.

Glad God make relaxation part of his plan for us, Gloria

P.S. I'm not sure about Internet where we are going. If I don't post tomorrow, I'll be posting on Monday. Have a great RELAXING weekend.

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