Monday, September 29, 2008

New Wardrobes

I just opened some Christmas presents. That's what I call the packages my sister-in-law sends me. I now have six new pairs of shoes and numerous clothing items.

I'm not above wearing the hand-me-down clothes she sends. Her taste is impeccable. She buys such nice things. And, they look brand new!

I'll have to lose a little weight to get into some of the clothes. But, that's a great incentive to lose a few pounds! I'll just hang one of my favorites out where I can see it regularly. Every time I see it, I'll imagine how I will look in my new outfit. Hopefully, the constant reminder will spur me on to change.

I have something else I look at regularly to help me clothe myself in righteousness. It's the Bible. I have to do more than simply look at it sitting on my table or in my bookshelf. I have to examine the truths in it, not casually but diligently seeking to know God through it's pages.

I find the more I study the Bible the more I take off the old clothes of the flesh and robe myself in the new self that is Christ. The constant studying God's Word helps me know God better. It makes me desire to let him live his life out through me. Along the way, I notice changes happening in my life. I have replaced the clothes of judgment and put on mercy. I have taken off the clothes of anger and put on the clothes of understanding. I have taken off the clothes of unkindness and replaced them with gentleness. Now that's the best new wardrobe anyone could receive!

Imagining how I will look in my new spiritual wardrobe, Gloria

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