Monday, September 8, 2008

Mountaintops and Houses

As Arnold would say,"I'm back."

Well, I survived being away from home without crying once (at least not about being away from home). I am glad I went.

When you go to these type meetings and get on a spiritual high, it's hard to "come back down the mountain." You wish all of your life could be spent singing, praising God and listening to his Word taught. Alas, washing dishes, running errands and dealing with contrary individuals push their way into your daily existence. Not at all like the mountain top experience!

We all have to live the "ordinary." However, I don't think we have to negate the elements that made our mountaintop experiences. Studying God's Word, praising him and singing songs of adoration can still be part of our daily lives. They SHOULD be part of it.

Praise and worship of God should not be relegated to Sunday church. Take time to delve into God's Word on a daily basis. Buy some religious music and crank it up as you mop the floors or make the beds. Take time to praise God. Even for the simple things. You may find yourself on a mountaintop without setting foot out of your house!

Expecting the mountaintop, even in my house, Gloria

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