Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Just Love to Suffer (Right!)

Do you like suffering? I don't. I like life to be easy. No conflict. No turmoil.

My life surely hasn't been that for some time now. I can't say it has been fun but I do know what has come out of it. A trust that God will sustain me no matter what the circumstances. Oh, there have been days when I didn't think I had strength to survive one more onslaught. Yet, here I am writing a blog. That seems to imply I've survived, right?

I don't doubt there are rough days ahead for me, for all who try to live godly. Gird up your loins! Get ready for the fight! Stand strong! Accept suffering as God's blessing. He is refining you, making you more like Jesus. Isn't that what all believers desire?

Trying to stand strong and accept my trials with joy, Gloria

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