Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dreams and Reality

I'm sitting at my computer at 3:32 in the morning. You read it right, 3:32. Why am I hear and not in bed sleeping like most sensible people? I had a nightmare.

Dreams can be so real! At times, I have awakened and struggled to realize what I have just experienced was only a dream. "It wasn't real," I tell myself.

Sometimes, while wide awake, I have to remind myself of what is real and what isn't. For instance:

Although some say there is no God, there is.
Although it may seem God is not in control of this world, he is.
Although it seems Satan has won, he hasn't.
Although some say heaven and hell don't exist, they do.
Although some say Jesus is not the only way to God, he is.
Although some believe Jesus will never return, he will.

These are not dreams but reality! Hallelujah!!

Discerning what is real and what isn't, Gloria

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