Friday, August 22, 2008

Trusting God's Wisdom

I'm weary. Not because I've been awake since before three. My weariness is deeper than that.

I'm weary of burdens I think I cannot bear. Burdened about the way I see this country going. Burdened that God's people are not living out the truths of the Bible. Burdened for what the next generation will face here in America.

Burdens always turn me to prayer.

Only God can intervene and change circumstances. Only he can sustain me during my dark hours. Only he can turn the hearts of his people back to his ways. Only he can make America right again.

I KNOW God can do anything he wants, anything we ask of him. That is why, although I despair, I despair with hope.

I sometimes ask not knowing his perfect will. It is then I have to trust. I know he does only those things that are good. Hard to see sometimes but true none the less. So I pray. I ask. And, I surrender my will to his. He never makes a mistake!

Glad God is always right in what he allows and what he does, Gloria

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