Friday, August 15, 2008

To All Those Tough Moms and Grandmas

When I took my four-year-old grandson home, he left something here. His cold. I'm trying not to pass it along to the two grand kids that are now here.

It's difficult to be chipper when I would like to crawl in the bed and rest. But, being a grandparent in this situation is the same as being a mother. You just go on. Mothers have done it for centuries. No matter how ill you feel the family always comes first. Kids need to be cared. Tears need to be kissed away. Bruises need to be bandaged. Meals need to be prepared. Life has to go on for a mom.

Do people know how much they should be thanking God he wired mothers the way he did? I hope so.

I know we have a Mother's Day to celebrate moms. I think there should be maybe three or four during the year lest we forget how much they really do for us. What do you think moms. Should we start a petition? I'll sign it as soon as I'm feeling better.

Honoring all the sick moms and grandma's who keep on keeping on, Gloria

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