Monday, August 11, 2008

Slimming Down Spiritually and Physically, I Hope!

Today I started my exercise program...again.

I have such good intentions. Day one I'm rarin' to go. I jump on the exercise bike dreaming of the day I'll step off of it four sizes smaller. I didn't say anything about being realistic did I?!

Day two: I have a little less enthusiasm. Still, I pedal my little heart out hoping my body will become like my heart (little, that is).

Day three: I'm resisting any thought of exercise. Too much to do. No time to pedal a bike going nowhere. I ride but for a shorter time.

Day four: Forget it. I don't even pretend I'm going to ride a bike. Instead I call a friend and see if she can go to lunch. After all, at lunch I will be exercising my arm, tongue and mouth muscles. That's better than nothing, right?

So, today I begin again. It would have been much better if I had kept on being consistent with my exercise but I didn't.

Sometimes my life is like that in spiritual areas. God has revealed to me that I need to shed a few things such as a bad attitude or a lack of compassion, etc. (You fill in your list here). Here's the scenario.

Hour One: Rarin' to go. I'm going to have a good attitude all day today.

Hour Two: Someone just bugs the daylights out of me. I struggle but I still keep a good attitude.

Hour Three: They're at it again! I DO NOT think I can keep my attitude right much longer!

Hour Four: That's it! No more! My attitude officially "stinks."

Ideally I would have allowed God to control my attitude. It didn't happen. But, just like with my exercise, I can begin again. I just tell God, "I didn't act much like you in that situation, did I? I'm going to go back and start over again."

God is so gracious. He allows us second, third, fourth, however many chances we need until we get it right!

Hoping I'm slimming down spiritually (and physically), Gloria

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