Thursday, August 7, 2008

Potty Training And Bible Reading

Sorry to be so late getting this post. My routine has been disrupted by my little visitor. That's all it took for me to forget. It's such a challenge to be me!!

This may be a strange topic for my blog but we're celebrating victory around here. My grandson used the potty instead of his diaper. Anyone who has changed a diaper knows how important this is not only to the "changed" but also the "changee."

We had gone to the store and bought him a set of transformers. He was told he could play with them if he went on the potty. I put the box in a prominent place and talked of how much fun it was going to be when he was able to play with them (hey, I was not above a little bribery in this situation).

Well, I guess that did it. Amazing how looking forward to something will make you do a task. He is now happy playing with his transformers and I'm happy not having to change diapers!

Sometimes I find the same thing true in my spiritual life. Although I do not think it is a task to read the Bible, it does take discipline to spend time studying it. I do it because I look forward to the reward. God promises me a gift. As I read, I get to know God better. Astounding! What can be better than that, I ask you? Much better than having a transformer for a reward!

Thankful the Bible gives me the reward of knowing God better, Gloria


Anonymous said...

Oh, but Gloria, not only do WE get transformed but we also GET the Transformer!

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Great thought, Gayle!