Friday, August 1, 2008

Ignorance IS NOT Bliss!

One of these days my ignorance about technology is going to get me in serious trouble.

I had a friend send me an email suggesting I join Facebook and add her as a friend. I've already joined Facebook. I did so having no idea what I was doing! Facebook, for you who know less than I do (which can't be too much) is a network where friends join and keep up with each other. You can show pictures and let people know what you're up.

Well, I went to try and sign up as one of her friends. I logged on to my own Facebook account and tried to add her. I then pushed a button. The wrong thing to do!! Now everything and everyone that was on my email list has been asked to be a part of my Facebook Friends account. That wouldn't be so bad except I have my Verizon account on there, my bank, people in the writing industry who have no idea who I am and who could care less. I am going to look VERY stupid!

I wonder how the president of our state convention is going to feel when he gets a request to be one of my friends on Facebook. Even worse will be editors and agents I have on the list. THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING.

Perhaps I should do like a well known author I read about. She still uses a typewriter to write. Of course, I couldn't have this blog. But, I would be a lot safer and fewer people would know how very ditsy I am!

I know God was aware I would do this long before today. I surely do wish he would have given me some kind of warning! Still, humility is a good thing, right? Stupidity...I'm not sure about that!

Hoping there is a glitch in Facebook today and the people (and companies) on my list don't get requests to join my Friends list, Gloria

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