Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Plans Or God's Plans

I put my grandson to bed earlier than usual last night. I needed the rest! Well, it didn't work out so well. He was awake at about 4:45 this morning. So much for my great plans!

Have you ever noticed that plans you make yourself sometimes don't turn out as you expected? Maybe God allows that so we will see how much we need him to direct our steps.

Being a Christian means allowing God to direct all of my life, even my decision making. My life cannot be compartmentalized, this part for me, this part for God.

The true believer realizes Christianity is more than going to church on Sunday and living life the way you want the rest of the week. They acknowledge God is to be in control 24/7, 365 days of the year. I know that. Do I live it?

It can become so easy to make plans for each day without even asking God if that is what he wants for us. A good thing to do might be to start each day saying, "God, I am your child. Live your life out through me in the way you want. Direct my going and my coming so that I will bring glory to you." I wonder if that prayer might alter the way we live each day.

Trying not to make my own plans, Gloria

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