Thursday, August 21, 2008

Marriage Supper

This will be quick this morning. I'm going out to breakfast with my husband. I know you gals can understand that! Men don't quite get it when we are so excited about going out to eat. Of course, it is usually the woman who has to do the cleanup after the meal. So, when you have a chance for someone else to do the dishes, you go for it!

I'm looking forward to a future meal. It's the marriage supper of the Lamb (Jesus). What a feast that will be. Can you just see it? All of us who have put our trust in Jesus sitting around a table feasting on the food of heaven. And best of all, Jesus will be there feasting with us. What he died for will have come to fruition, his bride,the church, with him in heaven. Oh, what a glorious time it will be!

Are you prepared to be at that feast? Committing your life to Jesus will assure your place has been reserved at the table. Make the reservation today!

Looking forward to that day, Gloria

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Sheryl Crawford said...

I'll be at that supper with you, my dear sister in Christ! What a glorious hope we have!