Monday, August 4, 2008

In The Paths Of Righteousness

I'm trying to type quietly. I don't want to wake my four-year-old grandson. He came to spend a week with us. Like with mothers, grandma's seem to carry the greater responsibility of taking care of the kids. It's something I enjoy doing IF I have the strength!

He's only been here half a day and I think I've heard my name called at least a hundred times! I don't mind that (most of the time). I know the day will come when he'll be off to college or have a family of his own and I won't see him much., maybe not at all. Then, I will long to hear that little voice again calling out, "Nanny!"

When God created man he said, "It is not good for man to be alone." Thus began the creation of family. He knew we needed family. Someone to love us. Someone to share those joyous occasions. Someone to share our times of difficulty.

I went to the funeral service of a preacher this week. He was about ninety-four years old. He had seven children, twenty grandchildren and a large number of great-grandchildren. To hear his children and grandchildren speak of him was very moving. He obviously impacted their lives in a powerful, godly way.

I know Caleb is only four but I hope I am instilling in him godly truths as we pray together and read Bible stories before bedtime. As we thank God when we eat our meals. As we talk about God during the day. I know his mother and father do that. But, I would like to have a small part in leading him and my other grandchildren in the paths of righteousness. All I need is the strength to keep up with them as I'm trying to do it!

Taking extra-strength vitamins this week, Gloria

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