Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gold Medals of a Different Kind

Millions like me stayed up later than usual to watch as America's superb athletes reached for the gold. Those of you who read my blog know I am NOT a night person. I had trouble staying awake. I will probably not be worth a dime all day unless I take a little nap.

It was exciting to see our men's gymnastic team step up after losing their best man and only former Olympian. Just a bunch of "newbies" trying to do what some thought was impossible. And what about Michael Phelps? He'll probably have to get a back brace in order to wear all those gold medals! The women's volleyball game was exciting. The swimming events, too.

I wonder. How many of their names will be remembered ten years from now?

Fame is fleeting. People's accomplishments are soon forgotten. We're fickle. We'll soon be on to newer and better athletes.

There is only one place you can be assured what you do will always be remembered. It's in heaven.

Winning an Olympic gold medal is an awesome thing. Most of us will never experience that thrill. But, we can have an even greater thrill. We can be rewarded by God for the things we have done to bring glory to him. That will surely outdo Olympic medals. And, they will never be forgotten!

Looking forward to my heavenly "gold medal", Gloria

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