Wednesday, August 6, 2008

God Always Hangs On

When I was a child, learning to ride a bike was a big thing. It meant you could zoom around the neighborhood on your own. Most of all, it meant you were no longer a baby. Only big kids could ride a bike.

The first time I got on a bike my mom held it and ran alongside as I wobbled down the street. Somewhere in this endeavor she let go. When I realized she was no longer holding me up I panicked. What could I do? I didn't know how to use the brakes. My only option was to ride! I zoomed around the corner yelling so loudly I'm sure the entire neighborhood could hear me. I knew I was about to die. Or worse, I'd have to keep riding and wind up no telling where, far away from home.

Somehow my mother caught me. We were both VERY happy. Her next lesson was teaching me how to use the brakes!

Sometimes when we are struggling to maneuver our way through some difficult situation, going headlong with no way to put on the brakes, we may think God has let go of us. We're on our own. No one to keep us from falling. Not so. God is always there. He never lets go!

Thankful for a God who hangs on to me no matter what, Gloria

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