Tuesday, August 19, 2008


As I looked at the title of my blog this morning I thought about why I chose it. It really is an indication of my life, the things I have and continue to learn, experience, and feel. I've been "gathering" for more years than I want to count! Some of the gatherings I would have preferred not to experience.

Those are the dark times. Times when I think I can't bear walking in the darkness one more day. Always when I am going through such times, God comes to me, gives me just a glimmer of light so that I can see my way. When his plan is accomplished, he allows me to live in the radiant light again where the darkness and heaviness disappear, like waking from a bad dream.

Not all my gatherings have been darkness. I have been blessed beyond measure by God. Family, friends, being allowed to have fellowship with a mighty God and call him Father. Those things far outweigh the dark times.

Yet, it is in the dark times that I think I have learned the most. Times when God was all I had to cling to. When I despaired of life itself. In those times I have clung to God much more than when things were at their best. And, he has clung to me. Never letting me go. Comforting me. Letting me know the darkness would not last forever. Such an awesome God!

Whatever "gatherings" your life brings, I hope you will have the comfort and assurance that God is in them all. Dark and light times. Times of joy. Times of sorrow. Times of tremendous suffering. Times of overflowing happiness. God orchestrates our circumstances for our good and his glory.

Hoping God gets glory in all of my life's "gatherings", Gloria

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