Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dilapidated Temples

Late! Late! Late! I'll blame my diet for the lateness in getting my blog done. Hey, If you don't want to take responsibility for your actions, any excuse will do!

Well, here's my story. I AM on a diet. Since they also recommend exercise, I've added that into the mix. If you haven't noticed, it's getting light much later. I can't go out in the dark and walk so I have to wait so I can actually see where I'm going. Therefore, my exercising time is cutting into my blog time.

Back to the rest of the diet. I also have to fix certain foods for us to eat. No more throwing a bowl and box of cereal at my husband and saying, "Here's your breakfast." No more going to my favorite breakfast spots. I have to cook. Imagine that!

The Bible says our bodies are the temple of God. I'm afraid I've allowed that temple to become pretty dilapidated. The age part is God's deal. I can't do much about that (too expensive). But I can do my part about taking care of the temple.

So, my quest is to improve my health and make God's dwelling the best it can be. Knowing me, it will be a struggle. But, I'll keep at it. I always love a good challenge!

Learning how to cook again, Gloria

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