Friday, August 29, 2008

A Different Kind Of Persecution

I read children's books. I do so, not because of my lack of mental capacity (though that may be somewhat lacking), but because I write mostly children's material. I am now reading a book for adults. It's called, The Heavenly Man. It's about a man called Brother Yun.

Brother Yun was born in China. He committed his life to Christ as a teenager. God called him to share the Gospel to the people of China. He spent seven years in prison. He had an electric rod put in his mouth as a form of torture. He was beaten until his legs were broken. Still he praised God.

Later in his life he went to Canada to share about the house churches in China. While there he found another form of persecution.

A person whom he had never met wrote an article stating the things Brother Yun was sharing in Canada were not true. The article the man wrote told that Brother Yun's family was hiding in Mynamar. This put them in great jeopardy. The article also put Brother Yun's ministry in Canada in jeopardy. What was his response to the person who did this? He forgave them.

You may wonder how he could possible forgive a person who tried to destroy his ministry and jeopardized the lives of his wife and children. He did it because that is what people who have Jesus in their lives do. This kind of forgiving attitude cannot be explained except by the power of God to transform a person's life.

If you had been Brother Yun, could you have forgiven the man who tried to destroy your work and harm your family? "No! I could never do that," you say. Yes, you can. Allow God free reign in your life and he will do the same for you.

Trying to let God control, Gloria

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