Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Different Kind of Gold

Well, the Olympics will soon be over. No more being glued to the TV set to watch America's best shine. The best in sports that is.

I applaud those athletes who devote themselves to such strenuous work, denying themselves pleasures for the sake of their sport. They are a tribute to tenacity.

I know others who will never receive such accolades here on earth but who are just as tenacious in fulfilling their dreams. Their dream? Seeing people's lives changed by the power of Jesus Christ.

Week after week they live an exemplary life, hoping to influence others to want what they have. They love, care, share, sacrifice, give so that what has happened to them can happen to others. Although most of America will never know their names, may even consider them the enemy, it is these devoted, committed, tenacious believers who are the salt that preserves America. Now that's worthy of a gold medal!

Praising God for unsung "gold medalist", Gloria

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