Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back To Eden?

Oh, to have the wings of an eagle so I could fly away and be at rest! Ever feel like that?

Life is sometimes hard to live. Problems seem to roll down on us like an avalanche. We fear we will smother under their load. Our hearts long for the Garden of Eden experience...a perfect environment...no sin...no suffering...walking with God in the cool of the day.

Reality check! It is never going to be like that again. You can thank Satan for that. He has polluted this world with sin and we're going to have to live with that fact.

Okay, since we can't go back to Eden, what do we do? We keep on keeping on. We dig ourselves out of the rubble of our problems, dust ourselves off and continue living a Christ-like life in a sinful world that sometimes stinks. As we do, we show the world that God is able to sustain us in all kind of adversity. This leads to their desire to have that same thing.

Hoping I show those around me that God is greater than any adversity, Gloria

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Nancy I. Sanders said...

Gloria, you are such a source of inspiration for me--and what a great challenge this adds to my day! Thanks!