Monday, July 14, 2008

What Do You Think Of My New Book Idea?

I ordered a book titled, Forty Reasons Why Life Is More Fun After the Big 40. It's by Liz Curtis Higgs. I've never read any of her books but, after checking out the "Look Inside the Book" at Amazon, I think I'm going to enjoy it.

I've decided to write a book titled, Life After The Big Fifty: And You Thought The Forties Were Rough!

Feel free to suggest titles for chapters in the comment section. Here are a few I came up with this morning. It's pretty early so don't expect too much!

Help! Every Things Fallen And I Can't Get It Back Up!
Wrinkled Sheets And My Face, A Comparison
Depends Commercials, No Laughing Matter
What Jiggles Like Jello But Isn't?
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Why I Hate You Most Of All
Why I Think God Makes Our Eyesight Go As We Get Older

Do you think it has potential? ;D

Aging does have advantages. Going to heaven, being united with loved ones, shedding bodies that don't work so well and, best of all, being able to see our Lord are things we long for more as we age. I wonder if our minds and bodies were robust we would think that way.

I know God made the right decision about us aging but I'm still getting rid of all my mirrors! Gloria


Anonymous said...

Hey Gloria,

How about---If I Take All the Meds Advertised, Will I Be Able to Dance like the People in the Commercials Do?

(Have you ever noticed that WHATEVER the ailment, once the people in the commercial start taking the med advertised, they get right up and dance, just like Fred and Ginger? Hmmmmm- Wonder if that would work for Wayne and me???)

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Marge, you're right. But, have you noticed all the things they list that can go wrong with you if you DO take their medication? I sometimes think the cure is worse than the illness!


Anonymous said...

Yes, the side effects are definitely scary! That's why Wayne and I avoid most meds, as many meds as we can. But I sure would like to be able to dance like that! :-) Marge

Anonymous said...

How about "The Forties were a piece of cake, but the Fifties show where the cake has settled!"

Sheryl Crawford said...

HA! I love Gayle's title about the cake settling!
Gloria, go for the book!

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Sherri, I am keeping the book idea on the back burner.