Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some Things Take Effort

I have one of my grandsons here for a few days. He is so excited to be here. That brings me such joy.

I try to plan things when my grand kids come. I don't want them to become bored and not want to come back! We're going to the movies one day. I've planned a day at a museum. He brought some money so I know we'll be at the store buying Legos. By the time he leaves I'll probably be totally exhausted. However, there are some things that are sooo worth the effort put into them!

Just like my relationship with my grandchildren takes some effort on my part, I think my relationship to God takes some effort.I'm not saying I have to DO anything to be right with God. I am saying that, if I am to conform to his son's image, it will take effort on my part.

Lots of Christians go through their lives not making the effort to read their Bible regularly. It takes discipline to sit down and read when there are so many other things to detract us. Yet the reward for doing so is a closer relationship with our Father. I find the commitment to doing that even more rewarding than the commitment to spending time with my grandchildren!

Trying to spend special time with my grandchildren and My Father, Gloria

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