Thursday, July 31, 2008

One Day At A Time

There is a song titled, One Day At A Time. I don't know all of it but it says, "One day a time dear Jesus is all I'm asking of you." Life is sometimes hard. Things don't work out as we hoped. Troubles pile up on us until we think we'll smother under the weight of them.

Still there is hope! God will sustain us one day at a time.

Hope doesn't mean I won't have troubles. It just means I have hope in a God who has promised me I will be able to bear them. I sometimes wonder about that! But, the times I do, it seems I get through one day then the next, and the next. Not a miraculous removal of trouble but the ability to hold on one more day. How I praise God for that!

Thanking God for hope one day at a time, Gloria

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