Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Olympics-More That You Should Know

I received an email from Voice of the Martyrs asking me to pray for Christian brothers and sisters who are suffering for their faith. I again wept as I read of a pastor and his family in China who were thrown out of their homes for talking to Americans about their situation and disrupting the "harmony of the Olympics." They not only threw them out of their home but each time someone took them in the authorities made them leave. They are now living on the streets.

Many people will soon flood to China for the Olympics. They will sightsee, spend money and cheer the athletes. While they do, many believers there will be suffering because of their faith in Christ. By choice or by ignorance these visitors will laugh and play while others fear for their lives.

It will be hard for me to sit in my chair cheering America's athletes when I know my brother and his wife roam the streets seeking food and a place to sleep. No amount of whitewashing can hide the black stain that is painted across China.

If you watch the Olympics, may it trigger a remembrance of this post and make you pray for those in China who will not be cheering during the Olympics. They will be weeping.

Praying for my brothers and sisters in China, Gloria

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