Thursday, July 24, 2008

I've Done It Again!

I did it again. I messed up.

I was getting the motor home ready for a trip. I opened the motor home door, threw the keys on the counter, and began putting things away. When I was finished, I walked out and shut the door. I did not realize the lock was set. When I tried to get back in, the door wouldn’t open. I searched for the keys, then realized they were in the motor home! Great. Wayne was coming home from church soon. He planned on jumping in the motor home and driving away for some much needed R&R. He did not need this!

I tried to open windows. I prayed. I wiggled the door, hoping it wasn’t really locked. It really was. I prayed some more. Still, the door wouldn’t open. Nothing to do but wait. I was not looking forward to telling Wayne what I had done.

When my husband came home, I can’t say he was thrilled about having to break into our motor home. What if he had to break a window. No telling how much it would cost to repair that! I prayed more fervently!

This story has a happy ending. My husband was able to get up on a ladder, pry open a window and crawl through to retrieve the keys. He did look kind of funny trying to wiggle through that tiny space. I did NOT tell him that. I may be ditsy but I’m not stupid!

Have you ever noticed how much trouble makes us turn to God? Whether it’s a big trouble or a little one, we seem to instinctively know we don’t have a chance of solving our problem unless he intervenes. So, can we say trouble is a good thing if it drives us to God? I think so.

Hoping I always run to God when I have trouble, Gloria

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