Monday, July 7, 2008

Glad For the Start of Another Week

I'm so happy last week is over and I'm about to start another week!

Wow! That's not what I'm usually saying. I seem to be always complaining about time going by too fast. Well, this past week is one I'm glad is gone.

All last week I was in a real "downer" mode. I struggled with everything from my health to my writing. I deemed neither one to be very good. Even praying and reading my Bible only gave me spasmodic intervals of lightness, then I would sink back into the heaviness.

What has changed about this week? I don't really know. Perhaps I am more determined to rise above my circumstances. Perhaps I'm just feeling better physically and that is affecting my mental attitude.

One thing I do know. God is with me whatever state I'm in. He was there when I felt despair. He is here when I feel hope stirring. He never leaves me or forsakes me even when others may do so. Perhaps my clinging to that has been the thing that has brought me to the light again.

Looking forward to the week, Gloria

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