Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Doing the Not-So-Fun Things In Life

I woke up before the birds again this morning. Of course, I probably went to bed before they did!

I never clean my house when I get up this early. My excuse is, "It will disturb my sleeping husband."

The truth is, I put off housecleaning as long as I can. Okay, I could dust and throw a load of clothes in the washer. My excuse for not dusting is I can't see the dust as clearly in the early hours before the sun comes up. The washer is at the far end of house. I doubt it would disturb the sleeping prince charming so I'm still working on a good excuse for not doing the laundry.

We sometimes have to do things that aren't fun. Some things we have to do may be downright unpleasant. Still they need to be done. Lovingly correcting our children, confronting a friend who is going in the wrong direction, facing up to our own faults and failures probably wouldn't be on our "My Most Fun Things To Do" list.

God does not promise all our life will be filled with fun. Someone has to do the laundry. Someone has to correct the kids. If not, you'd have a bunch of naked rotten kids running all over the neighborhood. Not a good thing.

Accepting responsibility for doing the not so fun things, Gloria

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