Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Complaining Bug Struck Again!

I'm upset! I just spent thirty minutes writing. Somehow it wouldn't let me post. Now I can't even find it. What's worse, I can't remember much of what I said. It had something to do with heat, corsets, southern belles and evaporative coolers. So, grrr, I have to start all over again.

It just hit me. The complaining bug has bitten me, AGAIN.

It's true. Life can sometimes be so frustrating! Yet, in the scheme of things, the problems I have are so petty compared to what others are going through.

The women of Myanmar (unsure of spelling) who just went through a terrible tidal wave and lost all their possessions. The women of China who have to hide in crawl holes underneath buildings to worship God. The women who are watching their children die of the HIV virus. The women who have no food for their babies. THEY have problems.

I'm ashamed of being such a wimp. I have so much. I am blessed abundantly. I take so much for granted. A complaint should never come out of my mouth! I thank God for his goodness to me!

Trying to not be bitten by the complaining bug again, Gloria

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