Thursday, July 10, 2008

Committed To Knowing God?

My husband puts me to shame when it comes to exercise. He faithfully rises each morning, dons his shorts and tennis shoes and begins his trek around our property. Since we have a couple of acres, he only has to make four trips around the perimeter of our land to get in a mile. Of course, he walks two or three miles.

Me? If I do decide to walk (the occasions are very seldom), one mile is about all I can muster up. It's kind of embarrassing when we start off at the same time and he passes me twice before I get in my mile! I come into the house heaving and puffing, sure I'm going to have a heart attack from so much exertion. He hardly breaks a sweat!

My husband reminds me of the spirituals areas of life. Some people are diligent about getting to know God. They take the time and effort to spend time with God through studying his Word and talking to him. They listen to the voice of the Spirit of God who lives inside them.

Others are like my exercise habits. They'll get to know God but in moderation. Like going to church once on Sunday. The rest of the week? Nah. They don't want to commit themselves to any long term efforts to know God. A mile will do but forget the three mile bit.

Just like my husband is committed to making his body healthier, we must be committed to knowing God better. Both exercise and knowing God take commitment.

Trying to be more faithful to both commitments, Gloria

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