Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Christmas Revisted

I'm excited! I'm going camping for a couple of days. And, I'm going to Sea World!! I haven't
been there in years. I'm kind of giddy inside. Like on Christmas morning.

I guess some people never "grow up." No. That is not the same as being "childish."

You know how at Christmas you see all those commercials about kids waking up and running to the Christmas tree to see what's there. Or, running in to their parents bedroom and begging them to get up. That's not the way it played out in our home. Here was the scenario at our place.

If they were fortunate, I let the kids sleep until four or so on Christmas morning. After that, I couldn't take it any more. I rushed into their rooms yelling, "Merry Christmas! Come see what Santa has brought you!" There was usually no response.

Not to be deterred, I threw off their covers and began again. "Santa has been here. Come see what he brought."

They opened their eyes slightly. That's all the encouragement I needed. I grabbed their arms and drug them down the hall.

I deposited the kids near the Christmas tree. As they lay slumped over, still in a semi-conscious stupor, I headed for the bedroom to get my husband. It seemed there was
a glare on his face as I yelled out, "Merry Christmas! The kids are up waiting for us to read the Christmas story and open presents." He would drag himself out of bed while I ran to put on Christmas music or make hot chocolate. When I returned to the tree, there sat my family, eyes closed, heads slumped forward. Where was their Christmas spirit?!!

Along about six, everyone headed back to bed for a nap. Everyone except me. I was in the kitchen humming Christmas carols and making cornbread dressing. When everyone was up again, they seemed to have more Christmas spirit. Much laughing. Playing with toys. Eating. Such a wonderful time!

About dark, everyone crawled into bed again. I always thought, What a wonderful day it has been. The rest of the family? I would imagine their thoughts were, I've survived another Christmas!

Isn't it amazing how God has created each of us so uniquely different? Do I hear you saying you're thankful God didn't "bless" your family with someone unique like me?

Going to try and not get my husband up at four to go to Sea World, Gloria

P.S. I'm not sure about internet service where we are going. If I don't post tomorrow and Friday, you will know why.

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