Monday, July 28, 2008

Behind the Camera

Yesterday was a wonderful day. We went to see our grandson baptized. Our daughter and her kids were there, my daughter-in-law's family, too.

It was very moving to see our son baptize his son. After that we all went out and ate Vince's Spaghetti (my favorite). I took lots of pictures.

After we got home, I realized I was not in one of the pictures! Not with my children. Not with my grandchildren. I was the invisible person behind the camera lens taking pictures of all the activities.

You know how at funerals they have all the pictures of the person who died. I guess they'll have to eliminate that part for me since they never see me in the pictures!

Maybe they can do an audio with my children saying, "Mother took this picture. The grand kids could say, "Nanny was behind the camera when this happened."

I may not be in the literal pictures but I hope I am in pictures in my family's memories. When I'm gone, I hope my children and grandchildren will re-live scenes in their minds of time spent with me. I hope I have left lots of things for them to laugh about, to remember with joy. Those kind of pictures never fade. I think I prefer being in them than those created with a camera!

God has blessed us with memories. Let's see that what we do today makes good memories for tomorrow.

Creating "memory" pictures for my family, Gloria

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