Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Beef, Butter Or Tofu?

I just read an article that states we've all been lied to. Butter, eggs and cheese are actually good for us. Beef, preferably the kind without hormones, should actually be part of our food intake. They say heart attacks are NOT caused by high cholesterol or eating fatty foods.

Other articles I've read said to eat less beef, cut out all cheese and never, never put butter on that potato or toast. Lower your cholesterol to under 200 and you'll not have a heart attack they proclaim. Eat low fat meats like chicken, without the skin of course, and make sure it is never fried.

What's a person to believe?

I've gotta tell you, I'm pulling for the beef, eggs and cheese guys. Who likes eating non-fat cheese that tastes like cardboard? No matter what they say, I've yet to find a tofu that taste like I'm eating a nice juicy steak. And a potato minus butter is like a swimming pool without water. Something is missing.

There may be confusion in this world about what makes our bodies healthy. There is no confusion about what makes us spiritually healthy. It is surrendering our lives to Jesus. No one can be spiritually healthy without that step.

It is important that we do what we can to make our bodies healthy. It is far more important to do what it takes to be spiritually healthy.

HOPING the beef and butter guys are right. CONFIDENT Jesus is the answer to spiritual health. Gloria

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