Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Happily Ever After"

When I was young, my dad worked for the man who owned both local theatres. I attended the movies often. On hot, muggy Saturdays, I would walk through the doors of the theatre into a world of air conditioned rooms and air conditioned lives. No problems here. Just a big screen revealing people beautiful people living beautiful lives. It was the era of, "And they lived happily ever after," movies.

Oh, to be back in those days, to believe, as I did then, that everything will always work out and everybody will be happy about it. The concept wasn't any more real than the stories on the screen.

Nobody gets out of this world unscathed by trouble...nobody. It's just part of being human and living in a sin filled world. Ah, but one day, praise God, there will be a happy ending. It won't be actors on a screen portraying something that is not real. Believers in Jesus will take their place alongside multitudes of others who have also believed. Together we will live in a perfect world praising a perfect God.

Now that's what I call an "and they lived happily ever after" ending to a story!

Praising God I am going to be part of the "happily ever after", Gloria

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