Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Seasons Reveal God

A few days from now will be the longest day of summer. The sun will then begin to slowly lumber across the sky headed northward. Days will become shorter. The heat of summer will be replaced with the chill of fall. Then the cold of winter will push fall aside and take its place in the cycle.

Why does this changing of seasons happen? Is it random? Or, is there a God who orchestrated creation? Is there a God who holds it all together so that, year after year, we watch this cycle unfold?

To believe that all the intricacies of creation are just random happenings takes more faith than believing a great God created this world. Yes, God created it. He also controls it. If he removed his hand from directing it, there would be chaos.

Take time to consider all the wonders God has created and thank him!

Seeing God in the systems he created, Gloria

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