Friday, June 27, 2008

Looking Forward To The Future

I was out talking to a rabbit who visits each morning to be fed. Yes, I talk to animals. But, they don't talk back!

As I stood there talking softly to the rabbit, a couple of quail began to inch closer. I was amazed. Usually, they skitter away when I am outside. I continued to talk softly. They continued to edge closer. They came within a few feet of me. It was an awesome experience.

I look forward to the day when Jesus makes the relationship with animals and man as it was in Eden. I want to bury my face in the thick mane of a lion, throw my arms around a grizzly bear and touch a snake without feeling fear.

I also look forward to the day I can have fellowship with other believers and not have bickering and fighting. When days will be spent loving God and each other. When the focus will be totally on God and giving him glory.

Yep. Those are going to be glorious days!!

Looking forward to the future, Gloria


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of how we first approach Jesus. We hear the voice softly calling, but we also skitter away. Then we also continue to edge closer, until we are standing at His feet.

Thanks for the reminder that we need to keep focusing and moving towards Him.

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Gayle, great thought!


Sheryl Crawford said...

Gloria, I loved the imagery you described (but will I have to hold a spider?) You know about my spider story.

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Sherri, yes I know your spider story. God is really going to have to do a lot of changing in you to make you love spiders!!! :D