Monday, June 9, 2008

Looking Forward to Being Noiseated

I mentioned in one of my older posts that we have created a new word. It is "noiseated" (noise-e-ate-ed). The next few days at our house we are going to be noiseated. Our three grandchildren (all boys) will be staying a week.

Since I had only three days to recoup from the last wave of grand kids, I'm hoping I can survive this next week. I'm praying the weather will be nice so they can spend some time outside. That should give me three or so hours a day to collapse.

When I was younger the statement "children are for the young" had no real meaning. Now that I'm not so young (I still have trouble admitting I'm old), I can so relate to the saying. It had to have been created by some grandparent who had their grand kids for a week!

I cherish the time God gives me with these dynamos. I just need a week or so to recoup before I can get back to my "old" self!

Rejoicing in my grandchildren but buying energy bars so I can survive their visit, Gloria


Anonymous said...

Just make sure you don't give THEM the energy bars by mistake!

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Oh,my. The thought of them having more energy than they already have makes me a little dizzy!!!