Monday, June 30, 2008

Life On Fast-Forward

I feel like the fairy tale guy who went to sleep and woke up 20 years later. Only I went to sleep on Monday and woke up the FOLLOWING Monday. Where did all my days in between go? I've heard of time flying but, I didn't think it would go at the speed of light! If this keeps up, I'll be ninety about next Thursday!

As a teenager, there were actually days I thought would never end. Boring days. Days I wished would pass quickly so I could get on to better days. Today, my life is like a movie in my DVD player that's on fast-forward!

Re-wind my life back! Let me have those boring days. Give me the ones I wished would go quickly. I need them now!

Ah, there is no re-wind button for life. What's past is past. Only today. I guess I'll just have to be content with waking up each Monday to find my life has whizzed past so fast I missed it.

Hoping to not wake up tomorrow and find it is Saturday, Gloria

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