Friday, June 20, 2008

Baby Oil and Sun

It is expected to be 103 today. My plans are to stay inside.

In my more foolish years, I delighted in hot summer days. My friend and I would load up our kids in the station wagon (Do you remember what a station wagon looked like?) and head for the beach. We'd slather the kids in sunscreen and watch as they played in the surf or built sand castles.

Not my friend and me. Sunscreen? Never! We grabbed our big bottle of baby oil and doused ourselves. Our goal was to have luscious tans like those we saw on the commercials.

We'd lie in the sun, frying first one side, then the other, like two roasting chickens in the oven. The sun beat down on us mercilessly. Sweat dripped from our skin. Still we persevered. The beautiful tan would be worth it. After a few hours, we'd head home looking more like lobsters than tanned beauties.

Fast forward thirty years. I sit in the doctor's office having precancerous skin on my face zapped. I ask myself, "How could you be so stupid." I don't get an answer.

We all do foolish things. We all make mistakes. We all fail. What do we do about it? We go on.

God loves us in spite of our mistakes and failures. People are quick to condemn our wrongs. God is quick to forgive them. I find that kind of love amazing!

Amazed by the love of God, Gloria

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