Monday, May 5, 2008

My Sunday

By now I should know the "days of distress" which I experience are not abnormal occurrences. They seem to be an integral part of my life. For instance...

Yesterday I was getting ready for church. Unlike my regular "wait till the last minute" philosophy, I had actually started a bit earlier. Maybe I took a longer shower or brushed my teeth longer because I looked at the clock and realized I had to hurry with my makeup and get out the door. Just about then, I dropped mascara on the front of my white blouse, BLACK mascara at that. I tried to scrub it off with soap and water. Too bad I had chosen waterproof mascara!

I knew I didn't have time to change so I decided there would just have to be a black dot on my blouse. I rushed out to the car and started to put my foot, which was inside an open-toed shoe, into the car and noticed a very large run in my knee-hi stocking. Grrr! I pulled the toe of the knee-hi back and tucked it under my foot, hoping it would stay there until after church.

I had not finished putting on makeup but planned to use the extra makeup I keep in the car. As I pulled out of the driveway and grabbed for the guessed it, no case. Now, those who have seen me without makeup KNOW I need it. Today the church folk would see the real me! I said out loud, "Jesus let them see you in me."

When I got to church I rushed into my Bible study class. The teacher said, We'll be studying in Philippians this morning." I grabbed for my Bible. NO BIBLE! It was in the car. I had rushed in without bringing it.

A friend handed me an extra Bible out of the cabinet. Nice gesture but it was then that I realized I could not read it because I had no glasses in my purse! I was able to hold the Bible between my toes and see the words (just kidding).

The Bible study was great, the praising through song and the preaching of the Word was wonderful. The fellowship with other believers was fabulous. I didn't even think about how I looked or the mishaps that had started my day. And, I do hope people saw Jesus in me. That's where any beauty I might have comes from anyway. There's a song that says, Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me. All His wonderful passion and purity. That kind of beauty doesn't fade!

So, how was your Sunday morning?

Thankful to have survived another Sunday, Gloria

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